CCAON provides authoratative output, import/export data and professional insight of China chlor-alkali industry and market.

Our regular reports cover PVC, Caustic soda(Sodium Hydroxide), Soda ash (Sodium Carbonate), Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid,Calcium Carbide Industrial Salt,CMS,Paste PVC and Cholrinated Paraffin.

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CCAON Conference

China International Chlor-Alkali Conference

Along with the integration of world economy, chlor-alkali industry is adjusting itself to closer international cooperation and fiercer global competition. Old pat-terns were discarded and new powers are rising...

Entering the 21st Century, China chlor-alkali industry has attracted attentions for its rapid development. Under the shadow of financial crisis and debt issues, chlor-alkali industry should be exploring breakthroughs on processing routes, products, techniques and strategies. Better understanding, full communication will contribute to the harmonious development of global chlor-alkali industry.

More information about China International chlor alkali conference.

China chlor-alkali Forum

China Chlor-alkali Forum is sponsored by China Chlor-Alkali industry Association and co-organized by China Chlor-Alkali OnLine (CCAON), and it is the most professional conference on chlor-alkali products in China. It is held twice each year and mainly discussed the market movements, tendency of the industry and relative policies. Now the forum has bacame the authoritative platform for professional delegates to communicate and co-operate in business. Also it has been the most famous and valuable brand in China and well known in chlor-alkali industry. Additionally, advertisement on China Chlor-alkali Forum is your best choice to publicize equipments.

China′s chloroacetic acid and the downstream

By the China chlor-alkali industry association, China chlor-alkali net undertakes " Chinese chloroacetic acid industry development forum " is the domestic chloroacetic acid industry the authority of meetings. The websites in China organized by chloroacetic acid meeting since 2005, has been successfully held six sessions, the attendance of more than 100 people. In 2007, China Chlor-alkali Industry Association Professional Committee of chloroacetic acid during the forum was formally established, and on websites in China set up liaison office. So far, China chlor-alkali network in the domestic industry to form an authoritative influence of chlorate.

The solid caustic soda industry seminar

The caustic soda market seminar mainly for domestic chlor-alkali enterprises and related downstream traders, seminar to different regions to discuss the subject, according to the current change of caustic soda market situation and future trend are discussed. China Chlor - alkali industry is in the stage of rapid development, industrial policy, industry and domestic and foreign trade situation is undergoing tremendous changes in China, the market of caustic soda are constantly faced with new problems, the personage inside course of study to seminar as a platform to discuss the solution and development opinion.

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