CCAON provides authoratative output, import/export data and professional insight of China chlor-alkali industry and market.

Our regular reports cover PVC, Caustic soda(Sodium Hydroxide), Soda ash (Sodium Carbonate), Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid,Calcium Carbide Industrial Salt,CMS,Paste PVC and Cholrinated Paraffin.

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CCAON was founded on January 18, 2001. Up to now, it already has registered members over 500 enterprises. CCAON's english products, such as market reports, special consulting report and industrial conference focusing on China's Chlor-alkali industry, and CCAON is becoming a famous brand.

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The most authoritative chlor-alkali industry website. We have most comprehensive market analysis and insights into the China chlor-alkali industry. We have over 500 members which cover 12 countries and areas.
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