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  The Calcium Carbide Market Remained High in Shandong


While poor logistics of goods contributed to a continuous price rise in the calcium carbide market in Shandong in the early stage, the upward trend is not likely to continue due to the decline of the local PVC market, making it difficult for chlor-alkali producers to bear higher prices under their own pressure. While the mainstream delivery price of calcium carbide purchased by chlor-alkali enterprises in this region was mostly 4380-4470 yuan/ton, the difference of arrival made a higher transaction price even possible. According to the analysis, as calcium carbide manufacturers in Northwest China operated at a relatively low run rate, the local supply seemed tight and only a limited volume of goods were allowed to be sold to other regions. However, due to the fall of the downstream chlor-alkali market, these downstream customers intensified their efforts to depress the purchase price of calcium carbide.
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