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  Analysis of the Recent Export Market Trends of Domestic Liquid Alkali and Solid Alkali


recently, the domestic liquid alkali export market has shown a slight improvement compared with the previous period, with export quotations slightly up from early january. however, in the context of slack downstream demand, the exporters in china have not performed well in transactions. specifically, the main exporters of liquid soda in east china did not publish their export quotations in mid to early january. some insiders stated that in the face of lower counteroffer prices, they have become less active in export while focusing on exec  uting preliminary orders or making domestic trade transactions. the liquid alkali market in north china has seen the mainstream export quotation range basically unchanged, with some transactions achieved. at the end of january, the main producers exporting liquid alkali in east and north china raised their export quotations, underpinned by the rising trend in the domestic liquid alkali market.

recently, there has been a slight increase in domestic solid alkali export market quotations. as the spring festival approaches, downstream customers have stocked goods in advance, driving an increase in inquiries and thus bringing good sales volume. the export prices of caustic soda and granular caustic soda in north china have shown an upward trend while the export offer for caustic soda in northwest china has increased, with a small number of transactions achieved. other individual exporters that mainly engage in domestic transactions have not published their export quotations. but as the follow-up replenishment and signing continue, the inquiries will gradually decline.
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