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  Methanol to Olefin Project with a Capacity of 1 Million Tons/Year in Guangxi Signed


Recently, Guangxi Huayi Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd. signed a general contracting agreement with Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd. for the integrated project of methanol to olefins and downstream deep processing of vinyl acetate facilities and held an EPC kick-off meeting.

At the kick-off meeting, both parties held in-depth discussions and reached a consensus on design, procurement, construction, project management requirements, project schedule control, and digital delivery, laying the foundation for subsequent project progress.

The vinyl acetate facility is an important unit for Guangxi Nenghua′s transformation from C1C2 to downstream olefins, and also the first project of Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Company in the third phase of the Huayi Qinzhou base project.

On January 12th, Guangxi Huayi Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Guangxi Huayi Energy and Chemical") held a general contract signing ceremony for the 1 million tons/year methanol to olefin and downstream deep processing integrated project (referred to as "MTO unit project"). Zhou Yonggang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Guangxi Huayi Nenghua, and Qi Guosheng, Senior Vice President of Wison Engineering, signed the project general contracting contract as representatives of both parties. The MTO device is the flagship unit of the Huayi Base Phase III project, and also the core unit for Guangxi Huayi Energy Chemical′s transformation from a C1C2 product supplier to downstream olefin new materials. The signing of the EPC contract and the convening of the kick-off meeting mark the official implementation stage of the project.

Shanghai Huayi (Group) is a state-owned chemical enterprise relying on clean coal technology and comprehensive utilization of coal resources. It is the main raw material and clean energy supply base for industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Shanghai Huayi Company has three subsidiaries in Qinzhou, Guangxi, namely Guangxi Huayi Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Guangxi Huayi Energy and Chemical"), Guangxi Huayi New Materials Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Guangxi Huayi New Materials"), and Guangxi Huayi Chlor-alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Guangxi Huayi Chlor-alkali"). These three companies are jointly responsible for promoting the planning and construction of an integrated chemical new materials base in the petrochemical industry park of Qinzhou Port Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is expected to be implemented in three phases. The main products include methanol, acetic acid, ethyl acetate, industrial gases, phthalic anhydride and ethylene glycol. The first phase of the base is an industrial gas island, the second phase is a light hydrocarbon comprehensive utilization project and a salt chemical project, and the third phase is a methanol to olefin and C4 comprehensive utilization.

The methanol to olefin and downstream deep processing integration project takes methanol as the main feedstock to further extend the industrial chain, producing ethylene, propylene, vinyl acetate, and EVA. This is one of the third-phase projects of Huayi Chemical New Materials Integration Base.
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