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  Nanshan Aluminum′s 2 Million Tons Alumina Project has been Fully Operational


On February 5, Nanshan Aluminum announced that the company would take measures to improve quality, increase efficiency, and focus on returns.

Going abroad is one of the important ways for listed companies to accelerate their development pace. Through multi-regional layout, they can improve the resilience of industrial supply chain and effectively respond to uncertain risks that may emerge at any time globally. Since October 2023, more than 40 listed companies have announced overseas investment plans, realizing going abroad through increasing capital in overseas subsidiaries, acquiring overseas company equity, and investing in overseas projects. Their footprints cover Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North America, and other regions, involving multiple industries such as automotive parts, semiconductors, general equipment, and batteries.

Among them, Nanshan Aluminum, one of the leading companies in the aluminum processing industry, has actively expanded its overseas industrial chain based on its roots in high-end products and its goal of building a world-class aluminum processing enterprise. The 2 million tons alumina project invested and constructed in Indonesia has been fully operational since October 2023 and has become a new profit growth point for the company. Meanwhile, Nanshan Aluminum has also started the construction of a 250,000-ton electrolytic aluminum project within the Indonesian industrial park to further build a second growth curve, increase profitability, and comprehensively enhance its core competitiveness and global influence.
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