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  Baofeng Energy′s 250,000 Ton/Year EVA Plant Completed


Baofeng Energy announced on February 4, 2024 that the company will take measures to set up a good market image by effectively improving quality, efficiency and return on investment. The company′s EVA plant with a capacity of 250,000 ton/year has been completed and is undergoing trial operation.

The 250,000 ton/year EVA unit is a sub project under Baofeng Energy′s olefin project with a capacity of 500,000 ton/year. By taking C2-C5 and methane from by-products of the first, second, and third phases of Baofeng Energy′s coal to olefin production as feedstocks, the company is transforming to produce high-end polyolefin products.

Located in Zone A of Linhe Comprehensive Industrial Park, Ningdong Energy and Chemical Base, Yinchuan, Ningxia, the project includes a new air separation unit, gasification unit, transformation unit, purification unit, sulfur recovery unit, methanol unit (intermediate product), 500,000 tons/year MTO unit, EVA polymerization unit, propylene polymerization unit, and integrated public and auxiliary engineering unit.

In terms of technology, fine coal pressurized gasification process of Beijing Aerospace is adopted while Linde technology is used for low-temperature methanol washing, the first-generation technology of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (500,000 tons/year for a single system) is adopted for DMTO, USA’s KBR technology is used for olefin separation, and Lyondellbasell gas-phase method is adopted for the polypropylene PP unit.
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