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  First Technology Demonstration Project of Molten Salt Energy Storage in China


Recently,China′s first technology demonstration project of molten salt heat storage instead of electrochemical energy storage officially started in the Suzhou Power Plant of CHN Energy Anhui Company.

It is understood that the project is also the world′s largest coal-fired power unit coupled molten salt heat storage project. The project adopts a high and low temperature double-tank molten salt energy storage system, and uses coal-fired units to extract steam to heat molten salt technology to meet the flexibility requirements of thermoelectric decoupling and deep peak shaving operation of cogeneration units.

According to calculations, this project can make the two 350,000-kilowatt heat supply units of Suzhou Power Plant reach the highest rated power generation load at peak time, meet the requirement of operating at a steam supply rate of 220 tons per hour for 4 hours and continuously supplying heat at a maximum rate of 36 tons per hour for 9 hours. While continuously ensuring industrial steam supply, it can increase the deep peaking capacity to below 30% of the rated load, and the maximum load of the generating unit with heat supply can also be increased from 80% to 100% of the rated load, thus comprehensively improving the peaking power generation capacity of the heat supply unit. Through the application of technology, this project can reduce the use of approximately 60,000 tons of standard coal per year and reduce carbon emissions by approximately 85,000 tons.
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