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  Monomer Feeding Trial Run of Zhongtai Petrochemical‘s Polymerization Unit


All the preparations for the polymerization unit launch are ready. In the control room of Zhongtai Petrochemical Polymerization Center at 20:00 on March 23rd, as the countdown was pressed, the monomer polymerization unit of the 250, 000-ton polyester short fiber project in Phase I was put into trial operation. As of 18:00 on March 24th, the monomer polymerization unit of the project had produced polyester melt at a steady operating rate.

The polyester project is located in Shangku Petroleum and Petrochemical Industrial Park, Korla City, Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture. Adopting the proprietary process technology of China Kunlun Engineering Co., Ltd, it is the first integrated production unit of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) - polyester - polyester short fibers in Northwest China. As this short fiber device is deployed to achieve differentiated customized production of products, it can meet the needs of customers for different functional fibers, radiate the surrounding market and jumpstart the high-quality development of Xinjiang′s textile and clothing industry cluster.

This used to be a vast mountain and desert, but now it is a polyester fiber production base with non-stop roaring machines days and nights. As Zhongtai Petrochemical practices the development strategy of extending, supplementing and strengthening the chemical fiber industry, all personnel dedicate themselves to the project by working together efficiently and overcoming difficulties. The launch of the polyester project will effectively promote the restructuring of Xinjiang′s textile industry and fill the gap in polyester fiber production in the Xinjiang autonomous region as the company strives to fully meet the demand of downstream textile manufacturers for feedstocks and reduce the production costs of downstream enterprises. It is of great significance to build an integrated industrial chain, optimize the product structure and advance the high-quality development of the "the Belt and Road" core area.

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