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  The World-Class Green Hydrogen Ecosystem ‘Hydrogen Continent’ Project was Launched


China Energy Group announced that on March 26, the world-class green hydrogen ecological innovation zone ‘Hydrogen Continent’ project was officially launched at the 2024 China International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry Exhibition. China Energy Group will work with Ordos City, Inner Mongolia to create a world-leading benchmark for green hydrogen energy projects and a core node for China′s west-to-east hydrogen transmission.

The project aims to establish a globally leading large-scale renewable energy hydrogen production base, leading the development of the hydrogen energy industry through scale, and ultimately achieving a daily green hydrogen production capacity of over 700 tons. It will establish China′s first demonstration base for testing and verification of key equipment for green hydrogen energy, with the implementation of more than three national key research and development plans. It will also create the world′s first demonstration base for technological innovation with hydrogen energy as the core. In addition, it will establish an international demonstration cooperation platform for green hydrogen energy and jointly promote sustainable development demonstrations of green hydrogen energy with the United Nations Development Programme and the China International Center for Economic and Technological Exchanges.

China Energy Group also revealed that as a benchmark demonstration, the project aims to become a cost benchmark, storage and transportation benchmark, scale benchmark, and scenario benchmark. It plans to replicate and promote the project in similar regions such as Qinghai, Gansu, and Xinjiang, and subsequently rely on the ‘Belt and Road’ international cooperation to implement it globally.
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