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  A Two Billion Yuan Chemical Project in Inner Mongolia Ready to be Launched


The new 500,000 tons/year concentrated hydrogen peroxide and 300,000 tons/year sodium chlorate project under Inner Mongolia Haofeng Chemical Co., Ltd., has been officially approved by the local Development and Reform Commission, with the preliminary work unfolding in an orderly manner.

The investment amounts to 2053.65 million yuan, all of which are self-owned funds. The project is located on the West Ring Road of Nalinhe Industrial Park in Sulige Economic Development Zone, Wushen Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a planned construction period from November 2024 to November 2027.

A 500,000 ton/year concentrated hydrogen peroxide plant, a 300,000 ton/year sodium chlorate plant and other public utilities will be built under the project.

Based on public sources, Inner Mongolia Haofeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Xingtai Investment Group Co., Ltd. Earlier, the person in charge of the key project team in Wushen Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, and official of relevant departments of the region jointly met with Shang Zhi, the general manager of Inner Mongolia Haofeng Chemical Co., Ltd. The two sides held discussions on project developments such as concentrated hydrogen peroxide, sodium chlorate and epoxy propane. The symposium was attended by officials from the Development and Reform Commission of Wushen Banner, the Development and Investment Promotion Bureau of Sulige Economic Development Zone, as well as relevant departments such as the Natural Resources Bureau, the Industry and Information Bureau, the Water Resources Bureau, and the Ecological Environment Bureau in the region.
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