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  Actions on Eliminating Backward Hazardous Chemical Safety Production Processes and Technologies


On March 8th, the Ministry of Emergency Management formulated and issued the Catalogue of Equipment for Eliminating Backward Hazardous Chemical Safety Production Processes and Technologies (Second Batch) .

The Catalogue adheres to the problem-oriented and result-oriented approach, aiming to address the equipment issues of backward process technology and high safety risks exposed by typical accidents in recent years in some enterprises. Through rigid constraints, it encourages enterprises that do not meet safety requirements to increase safety investment, adopt equipment of safe, advanced, and reliable process technology and fundamentally eliminate accident hazards and solve problems.

The Catalogue lists seven equipment with backward process technology, including four process technologies and three equipment and facilities, such as the alternating acid-alkali fixed-bed hydrogen peroxide production process. It specifies the scope of implementation, the time limit for elimination and transformation, and alternative suggestions for each item. The implementation work of the Catalogue requires all regions to strengthen propaganda and guidance, disseminate and implement it through various means, organize enterprises to conduct self-inspection according to the Catalogue, ensure that all necessary changes are made and implemented quickly, and investigate and deal with those who fail to complete the changes within the prescribed time limit according to the law. Experts are organized to strengthen guidance and assistance, improve the quality of upgrading and transformation on a case-by-case basis for enterprises, urge enterprises to do a good job in safety production during the transformation period, and prevent accidents from happening during the transformation process. Work should be coordinated with the safety rectification of old chemical equipment, the automation transformation of high-risk processes, and other efforts to ensure the implementation of the three-year action plan for addressing fundamental issues in chemical and hazardous chemical safety production, and to ensure high-level safety to safeguard high-quality development.
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