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The Project Progress on the New Epoxy Resin Technology of Hunan Petrochemical


Recently, the scientific research project of "Development and Application of Epoxy Resin for Cathodic Electrophoretic Paint" implemented by Hunan Petrochemical has passed the technical appraisal organized by the Science and Technology Department of Sinopec. This project technology meets the requirements of green environmental protection and high-quality industrial development. The comprehensive performance index of the product is comparable to that of imported products. The electrophoretic paint produced has good film-forming properties and excellent comprehensive performance, filling the gap of high-end epoxy resin for domestic electrophoretic paint and reaching the advanced level of similar international products.

According to reports, the scientific research team of the project has developed a set of special epoxy resin technology for this application field and formed a new brand after going through small-scale test, pilot test, and industrial test, aiming at the domestic substitution demand of epoxy resin in the cathode electrophoretic coating. Compared with the existing ordinary bisphenol A epoxy resin products, the new brand epoxy resin product has the characteristics of narrow molecular weight distribution, low total chlorine, and higher softening point under the same epoxy equivalent. The prepared cathodic electrophoretic paint has excellent application performance, energy conservation and environmental protection, and a paint utilization rate of 100%. It is widely used in building materials, light industry, household appliances, automobile industry and other fields. The leading domestic electrophoretic paint manufacturers have adopted this new product to replace imported products, with a cumulative sale of more than 4,700 tons, and significant economic and social benefits.