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Wanhua Chemical¡¯s Ethylene Plant will Undergo a Raw Material Diversification Renovation


On June 11, Wanhua Chemical released a public announcement to publish the public comment version of the environmental impact assessment report for the raw material diversification renovation project of the 1 million tons/year ethylene plant of Wanhua Petrochemical (Yantai) Co., Ltd.

Project Name: Raw Material Diversification Renovation Project of Wanhua Chemical¡¯s 1 million tons/year Ethylene Plant
Nature of Construction: Renovation and expansion
Project Location: Yantai Chemical Industry Park, Shandong Province
Project Overview: The existing 1 million tons/year ethylene plant will undergo a raw material diversification renovation, changing the raw material from propane to ethane. The public auxiliary engineering will rely on Wanhua¡¯s existing facilities.

According to the environmental impact assessment disclosure, as the price of propane continues to rise, the efficiency of the ethylene plant has rapidly declined and has fallen into a state of loss. In order to enhance the social, economic, and environmental benefits of the polyurethane industrial chain integration project, Wanhua Chemical plans to implement the raw material diversification renovation project of the 1 million tons/year ethylene plant. The project will be renovated based on the original No. 1 ethylene plant, and through the renovation of the ethylene plant, diversified feeding of the ethylene plant will be achieved.

After the completion of the renovation project, Wanhua Chemical can flexibly adjust the feeding according to the international and domestic economic situation and the changes in the bulk raw material market, ensuring that the ethylene-led industrial chain integration project achieves maximum social and economic benefits. At the same time, the ethane-to-ethylene process has a higher yield, lower material consumption and energy consumption, which can also bring good environmental benefits.