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Shenmu Chlor Alkali Passed the Industrial Production License Review


On June 14th, the on-site inspection team for industrial product production licenses, led by Chen Peiyun, visited Shenmu Chlor Alkali for on-site audit. Shenmu Chlor Alkali was qualified for mass and large-scale production and operation after passing the review and certification.The inspection team strictly followed the relevant provisions of the General Rules for the Implementation of Industrial Product Production Licenses and the Access Conditions for Oxygen Alkali (caustic soda and PVC) Industry. Through on-site inspections, reviewing relevant information, and conducting random inquiries, they inspected the company¡äs product quality, production process, production facilities, inspection facilities, key process parameters, and technical management documents.After careful assessment and evaluation, the team believes that the company has the ability to continuously and stably produce qualified products with high automation to meet the production and operation conditions, thus confirming that the results of this industrial product license review are qualified.