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The Pingmei Shenma Chlorotoluene Series Products Project was Completed and Put into Operation


On the morning of June 8th, the completion and inauguration ceremony of the Pingmei Shenma Group Chlor-Alkali Development Company¡äs annual output of 66,000 tons of chlorotoluene series products project was held.Li Benbin, deputy general manager of Pingmei Shenma Group, said that major project construction is the core and important support for the development of the salt chemical industry, which is closely related to the speed and quality of industrial development. In recent years, the Chlor-Alkali Development Company has adhered to the main line of product structure adjustment, actively connected with new energy, new materials, and nylon industries, and deeply cultivated the field of chlorine-consuming fine chemicals. Following the group¡äs requirements for extending and strengthening the chlorine-hydrogen industrial chain, the Chlor-Alkali Development Company commenced construction of the annual output of 66,000 tons of chlorotoluene series products project on June 18, 2022, and successfully produced high-quality products on June 3 of this year during the first trial production.After the project reaches full production capacity, it is expected to produce 66,000 tons of chlorotoluene series products annually and consume approximately 48,000 tons of chlorine gas annually. This will not only meet the enterprise¡äs need for balanced chlorine gas, but also improve the product structure, extend the group¡äs chlorine-hydrogen industrial chain, create new profit growth points, further consolidate and expand the group¡äs development advantages in related industries, and promote the high-quality development of the group.