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The Latest Progress of Yuneng Fine Chemical¡äs 10 Billion Dollar Chemical Project


From June 12th to 13th, the internal review meeting for the basic design of the 1 million ton/year high-end chemical new materials project of Yuneng Fine Chemical was held at the People¡äs Building in Yulin.

The successful convening of this project¡äs basic engineering design review meeting marks a crucial step in project construction, laying a solid foundation for the formal commencement of subsequent projects.

1 Million Tons/Year High-end Chemical New Material Project

The project is located in Yushen Industrial Zone, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, with a total land area of 99.89% hm2. It mainly includes 400,000 t/a DMTA unit, 200,000 t/a ethylene oxide unit, 200,000 t/a polyether water reducer monomer, 100,000 t/a propylene oxide unit, 260,000 t/a hydrogen peroxide unit (27.5% dry-based), 80,000 t/a acrylic acid unit, 120,000 t/a butyl acrylate unit, 400,000 t/a acrylate lotion unit, 400,000 t/a polycarboxylic acid water reducer unit and supporting public and auxiliary devices.

Launched in February 2024, the project is planned to be put into ground management and road construction on the entire site in June 2024, put into basic construction in September 2024, into equipment installation in 2025 and be completed in October 2026.