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Beiyuan Group Holds a 300 MW Photovoltaic Project Promotion Meeting


On June 18th, Beiyuan Group held a special promotion meeting for the 300 MW photovoltaic project. The company¡äs Party Secretary and President, Shi Yanyong, and Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager, Liu Yancai, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the construction unit, supervision unit, and construction unit reported on the project construction prgress and existing problems from different perspectives, and exchanged ideas on key issues such as material delivery, construction plan, and outsourcing.

Shi Yanyong pointed out in his speech that today¡äs conference is not only a project specific promotion meeting, but also a mobilization gathering for the "Hundred Day Battle". Firstly, focus on the goal and solidify responsibility. The construction unit should clarify the responsibilities of each party at all levels, fulfill the spirit of the contract, clarify the goals, consolidate responsibilities, and ensure the completion of the construction task. Secondly, establish a brand and create high-quality products. From the start to the end of the project, it is necessary to establish an image in civilized
construction and safety management, work together, and strive to make the project a high-quality project and demonstration project of the local government and Shaanxi Coal Group. Thirdly, make close cooperation for win-win result. All parties involved in the construction should cooperate and establish a close cooperative relationship, taking this project as the starting point, seeking more opportunities for cooperation in future development and achieving win-win results.

Liu Yancai proposed requirements in terms of project schedule, quality, safety, investment control, civilized construction, communication and coordination, data, and assessment.