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The Annual Overhaul of Huasheng Branch has Entered the Final Stage


On June 17th, after the caustic soda device, oxychlorination device, and resin device of Huasheng Branch were successively put into operation, the 200,000-ton vinyl chloride device also welcomed the start-up node. Huasheng Branch started 270 projects for the annual overhaul of the Huasheng region, completed 253 projects, and the completion rate was 93.70%. For the Tianyuan region, 76 projects were started, 72 projects were completed, and the completion rate was 94.74%. Among them, 9 key projects for the annual overhaul have been completed, and the annual overhaul of Huasheng Branch has entered the final stage.

Currently, the Huasheng D set of caustic soda and the C set of caustic soda are operating at full capacity, and the B set of caustic soda has also been successfully put into operation.

At the final coordination meeting for the annual overhaul of Huasheng Branch, Wu Gang, the deputy general manager of the company and the general manager of Huasheng Chemical Branch, expressed that the overall duration of this year¡äs overhaul work was relatively long, and thanked all construction contractors and company employees who participated in the overhaul. He also reminded all contractors that they still need to strengthen the HSE self-management on the overhaul site as the overhaul is nearing the end, and put safety work in the first place. All departments and devices should make a good summary of the overhaul work to serve as a reference for improving future maintenance work.