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Successful Hoisting of a 1 Million ton Methanol Tower in Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical


Recently, the Xinjiang Zhongtai Methanol Project came off with good marks. China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as "China Chengda") successfully lifted the first domestically produced 1 million tons/year methanol synthesis tower of Xinjiang Zhongtai New Materials, marking the comprehensive entry of the project into the peak installation stage and a crucial step towards the milestone planning node.

The methanol synthesis process of this project adopts low-pressure methanol synthesis technology independently developed by Chengda Company with completely independent intellectual property rights. It takes two water-cooled shell and tube synthesis towers, with a synthesis reaction pressure of 8.0Mpa, featuring high methanol net value, low circulation rate, relatively small processing capacity of synthesis ring equipment and circulating gas compressor, high steam grade of by-product in the synthesis tower, low energy consumption, and low investment.

During the equipment manufacturing process, the design department of the company headquarters and the manufacturing unit kept upgrading the construction plan. After multiple discussions, they effectively solved the difficulties in processing the tube sheets and heat exchange tubes of large heat exchange structures, welding deformation of multiple heat exchange tubes, limited heat treatment space, and pipe closure. Finally, they passed the joint acceptance in one go.

The methanol synthesis tower lifted this time has a diameter of 5 meters and weighs about 380 tons, making it the heaviest and most difficult core equipment to manufacture on the project site. To ensure the smooth progress of the lifting work, the project management team and the large lifting company repeatedly discussed the details of the site foundation, lifting station position, and crane selection, and organized detailed technical briefings from all parties. Finally, two cranes were used to lift the synthesis tower simultaneously. After adjusting it to a vertical position, it was lifted to the installation elevation above the equipment frame and lifted in place at once.

Project Name: Xinjiang Zhongtai New Materials Co., Ltd. Resource-based Comprehensive Utilization to Methanol Upgrade Demonstration Project

Construction location: Tongxin Industrial Park, Alehui Town, Toksun County, Turpan City, Xinjiang

Construction unit: Xinjiang Zhongtai New Materials Co., Ltd

Construction content and scale: Construction of 1 million tons/year of methanol, 18900 tons/year of sulfuric acid, construction of air separation unit, gasification unit, low-temperature methanol washing synthesis gas purification unit, methanol synthesis unit and supporting equipment. The planned total investment is 5.99 billion yuan (subject to the actual investment in project construction).

Project construction period: expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2024.