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Hubei Yihua¡äs Degradable New Material PBAT Exported to India


Recently, the first shipment of PBAT, a degradable new material produced by Hubei Yihua, arrived smoothly at the Chennai Port in India after more than a month of sea voyage. Upon receiving the products, the customer expressed high recognition for the quality and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Hubei Yihua.

Faced with the severe and complex market situation, Hubei Yihua has accelerated its internationalization efforts and actively explored overseas markets. Relying on its outstanding product quality, Hubei Yihua has successively obtained various certifications, laying a solid foundation for the smooth export of its products. Through various means such as online promotion, on-site visits, participation in exhibitions, and customer referrals, the company has made numerous partners and expanded its network. Up to now, it has developed dozens of overseas customers and successfully signed contracts with two of them.

The successful export of PBAT products has not only enhanced the visibility of Hubei Yihua¡äs products in the international market but also opened a new sales path for the company. The degradable new material division will seize opportunities, continue to intensify its efforts in expanding overseas markets, continuously improve its market competitiveness, and contribute to the construction of a new Hubei Yihua.