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Guangxi Huasheng Plans to Produce 1 million Alumina in 2024


On the afternoon of June 28th, the 2 million ton alumina project under Guangxi Huasheng New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangxi Huasheng Phase II Project"), located in Qisha Town, Port District, presented a lively scene on site. All work is being carried out in an orderly and rapid manner, laying a solid foundation for the early completion of the project.

With a total investment of about 4.3 billion yuan, the main construction projects include facilities and equipment such as raw slurry preparation, dissolution, red mud sedimentation separation and washing, evaporation station, decomposition and classification, comprehensive filtration, aluminum hydroxide roasting and red mud treatment. As the project will develop two sets of 1 million ton/year leaching units, it is expected that the first production line will be put into operation in 2024, with all units completing production in the first quarter of 2025.

There are a total of 32 sections in the construction and installation of the project. As of now, the visual progress of the main sections such as dissolution, settlement, decomposition, comprehensive filtration, and thermal power has exceeded 58% of the ancillary facilities. Six sections have been delivered and put into use, more than three months ahead of the approved milestone construction period by the headquarters. At present, the total investment of the second phase project has reached 2 billion yuan within the controllable level.