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The Projects Related to Industrial Silicon, Polysilicon, and Electrolytic Aluminum in Xinjiang


On June 29th, the concentrated commencement ceremony for major projects in 2024 of Xinjiang was held grandly in Shihezi Development Zone and Shihutan Chemical New Material Industrial Park. The 21 projects that commenced collectively cover various fields such as industry, service industry, agriculture, social undertakings, and infrastructure construction, featuring large investment scales, high industrial levels, and good expected benefits. The 21 major projects that commenced this time have a total investment of 34.37 billion yuan, marking an important step forward for Xinjiang in industrial upgrading and economic development.

Among the projects commencing this time, the multiple projects of Daquan New Energy are the most eye-catching, including annual production capacities of 300,000 tons of industrial silicon, 100,000 tons of polysilicon, and 2,000 box-type inverter projects. Meanwhile, Tianshan Aluminum¡äs 1.4 million tons of green and low-carbon energy efficiency enhancement project for electrolytic aluminum and Zhongqing Photovoltaic¡äs annual production of 6GW photovoltaic cell projects have also attracted significant attention. The commencement of these projects heralds the rapid development of Xinjiang in new energy and high-tech industries.