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A Notice was Issued to Further Improve the Time-of-Day Tariff Policy in Jiangsu Province


Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on further improving the time-of-day tariff policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), aiming to further improve the time of use electricity price policy. The notice will be implemented from July 1st.

Firstly, efforts should be made to optimize the setting of peak hours and shorten their duration. This includes optimizing the peak electricity price policy for industrial electricity consumption of 315 kVA and above in summer and winter, adjusting the duration of summer evening peak hours and increasing efforts to accurately guide industrial electricity users to actively avoid peak hours so as to ensure stable electricity supply and demand during peak summer and winter periods. The peak electricity prices in summer and winter remain unchanged, with a 20% increase based on peak electricity prices.

Secondly, reduce the deep valley electricity prices during major holidays. For instance, measures could be taken to reduce the deep valley electricity price for major industrial festivals with a voltage of 315 kVA or above and guide those continuously producing industrial electricity users with regulatory capabilities to further increase their electricity load during major holidays.