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Jianghan Salt Chemical Disinfectant Products Boast High Quality


"Since last year, disinfectant products with the Sinopec trademark have been sold to more than 20 countries, with a total export volume of 20,593 tons, which is closely related to the continuous development of a quality brand by Salt Chemical." On June 12, Ju Hua, Deputy Director of the Marketing Department and Head of the International Trade Group of Jianghan Salt Chemical, said.

It is reported that the bleaching powder refined products produced by Jianghan Salt Chemical comply with domestic quality system standards. However, the lack of international authoritative certification has temporarily affected sales in foreign markets. Since last year, the company has actively strengthened the construction of its quality management system and carried out NSF international certification application for bleaching powder products. The certification was successfully passed in November 2023. In 2023, the company also successfully obtained the authoritative qualification of HACCP for food safety management system, both domestically and internationally. Through the review of edible salt certification by the Hubei Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, the product quality standards were improved, and the product competitiveness was increased.

Moreover, in the past, the company¡äs individual batches of exported bleaching powder products had a yellow appearance, resulting in poor sales. Since last year, Jianghan Salt Chemical has launched a special action to improve the quality of "two refined" products. Currently, the whiteness of bleaching powder refined products has increased from 65 to 67, with the content of insoluble substances in water remarkedly down.