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Binzhou Wudi Issued a Key Construction Project for the Marine Chemical Industry


Recently, the Wudi County People¡äs Government Office has publicly released the notice of the "Overall Development Plan for Marine Economy in Wudi County (2024-2028)", clarifying the development direction and key projects of the county¡äs marine economy in the next five years.

Building a Modern Marine Industry System
The plan states that Wudi County will establish a modern marine industry system, which includes several special sections. Specifically, Column 2 highlights the key construction projects in marine salt industry and marine chemical industry.

Building a High-end Marine Salt Chemical Industry Base
The plan emphasizes that Wudi County will build a high-end marine salt chemical industry base, promote the optimization of production processes and technological upgrading of existing marine salt and chemical enterprises, adhere to green and high-end development, extend the comprehensive utilization industrial chain of marine chemicals, and guide salt chemical enterprises to develop strategic emerging industries such as new materials, new environmental protection, and new energy.

Development of high-end marine petrochemical industry
Wudi County will develop a high-end marine petrochemical industry, focusing on the development of products such as propylene oxide, extending the development of high-performance resin products, enhancing product value-added, and promoting industrial upgrading.

Promotion of marine new material industry
Wudi County is also committed to building a high-end marine new material industry base, making full use of the basic chemical raw materials produced by salt chemical and petrochemical industries, deeply extending the industrial chain, building a "raw material - intermediate - terminal" system, and accelerating the integrated development of salt and alkali production, Salt and nitrate production, and salt chemical and petrochemical industries.

Seizing the strategic opportunity of building a strong marine province
Wudi County, located in Binzhou City, Shandong Province, is at the northernmost part of Shandong Province, bordering the Bohai Sea. It is a key area for the comprehensive development of the Yellow River Delta and a forward position for the construction of "Maritime Shandong".

This plan aims to seize the strategic opportunity of building a strong marine province, make full use of marine resources, promote the high-quality economic development of Wudi County, and enhance its marine economic status in Shandong Province and even the whole country.