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The 2024 National Soda Technology Annual Conference Kicked off in Guiyang


From June 19th to 21st, the 2024 National Soda Technology Annual Conference organized by CCAIA kicked off in Guiyang, with more than 460 representatives from chlor-alkali manufacturers, scientific research institutions, and related equipment service companies attending the conference.

This annual meeting focused on sharing experiences in energy conservation and consumption reduction, collaborative disposal of waste salt electrolysis, substitution of chlor alkali energy and efficient use of hydrogen energy, low-carbon and green development, and other related topics, to deeply analyze the opportunities and challenges faced by the current industry.

CCAIA¡¯s President Zhang Wenlei, delivered a speech, providing an insight into the current economic operation of the chlor-alkali industry, analyzing the situation faced, and clarifying the key tasks for further promoting industry technology exchanges and independent innovation. Dong Hongbo, the leader of the caustic soda expert team of CCAIA and the senior vice president of Binhua Group, gave a keynote report on the Research and Analysis of Green and High-quality Development of the Chlor Alkali Industry under the "Dual Control" Policy. Gao Hong, Director of the Energy Conservation Management Department of the National Energy Conservation Center, gave a special report on "Analysis of the National Energy Conservation Situation and Interpretation of Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Policies". Zhang Xin, Vice President of CCAIA, gave a special report on "Research and Analysis of Policies Related to the Development of the Chlor-alkali Industry". Lin Haibo, president of the working group of industrial electrochemistry and professor of Jilin University, and Deng Dehui, director of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, respectively made special reports on "Analysis of the Development of Industrial Electrochemistry and the Direction of Chlor alkali Electrolysis Technology in China" and "New Technology for Hydrogen Production from Seawater and Fresh Water". Zhang Shoute, Vice Secretary General of CCAIA, and Li Qiong, Office Director, respectively gave special reports on "Research and Application of the Hydrogen Byproduct Industry Chain Extension in China¡äs Chlor-alkali Industry" and "Construction of Chlorine Consumption Product System in Chlor-alkali Enterprises and Coupled Development in the Field of New Energy and New Materials".

Besides, Leaders from key production enterprises such as Tianjin Bohai Chemical, Qingdao Haiwan, Zhejiang Juhua, Xinfa Group, Jiujiang Jiuhong, Zhejiang Zhenyang, Xinjiang Tianye, Inner Mongolia Junzheng, Hangzhou Dianhua, Wanhua Ningbo, and Tangshan Sanyou exchanged experiences in technological innovation, quality and efficiency improvement, intelligent application, energy conservation and carbon reduction, and safety and environmental protection of production equipment. Key equipment enterprises such as Yicheng Chemical, Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery, Hongze (Jiangsu) Technology, Asahi Kasei Corp, De Nora Elettrodi, and Chemours chemical exchanged the latest progress in customized chelating resins, electrolysis equipment, and ion membranes. China Chengda Engineering, IAT Singapore Pte Ltd (IAT), Zhejiang Haiyu Environmental Protection, Hangzhou Kerui, Shiweitong Corporation, Shanghai Ruichen, Jiangsu Mike, Hunan Chuyi, and Anton Paar (Shanghai) introduced the latest achievements and applications in energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent detection, innovative processes, and industrial waste salt comprehensive application in the industry.

Finally, these experts were organized to evaluate 78 papers received, and commended the authors of the first, second, third, and excellent awards at the meeting.