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Successful Pilot Test of Wuhuan¡¯s Temperature Controlled Methanation Technology


Recently, the 250 standard cubic meters/hour temperature controlled methanation pilot plant of Wuhuan Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China National Chemical Engineering, successfully completed 1000 hours of performance assessment testing, with all process indicators running stably.

As the temperature controlled methanation technology was developed by Wuhuan in 2018, a pilot plant was jointly built with cooperative units in 2022, focusing on research of new temperature controlled methanation catalysts and efficient temperature-controlled reactors.  Characterized by short process flow, low energy consumption, and low investment, it is expected to effectively improve the level of coal based polygeneration and product added value, providing a new technological choice for the coal chemical industry to extend and supplement the chain. It is an important initiative for Wuhuan Engineering to explore new technologies in the context of "dual carbon".

In the next step of the plan, China¡äs Wuhuan will be further committed to research and development innovation, leveraging its engineering advantages, integrating catalyst innovation and process engineering and developing a complete and mature billion cubic meter temperature controlled methanation process package as the company strives to achieve the first set of industrial applications of temperature controlled methanation catalysts and process technology, promote the green transformation and development of the coal chemical industry, and comprehensively build a world-class enterprise with technological innovation.