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  Xinjiang Tianye Group Recently Obtained Another Invention Patent


Recently, we learned from the China National Intellectual Property Administration that "a kind of blended PVC micro infiltration irrigation pipe" independently developed by Xinjiang Tianye Group has successfully obtained the patent authorization from the China National Intellectual Property Administration. This invention not only represents the latest achievements of Tianye Group in the field of water-saving irrigation technology, but also injects new vitality into the development of agricultural irrigation technology in China.

As a new type of water-saving irrigation technology product, the blended PVC micro infiltration irrigation pipe focuses on utilizing the small pores on the underground infiltration pipe wall to make water sweat out from the inside to the outside of the pipe. By continuously supplying water to the crop roots, the entire process of irrigation during the crop growth period is achieved. This innovative water infiltration method and significant advantages not only improve the efficiency of water resource utilization, but also play a key role in promoting crop growth and improving soil environment.

Compared with traditional infiltration irrigation pipes, blended PVC micro infiltration irrigation pipes have remarkable advantages. Firstly, the uniformity of its effluent has been greatly improved, effectively avoiding soil salinization caused by uneven water flow. Secondly, the mechanical properties of the infiltration irrigation pipe have been significantly enhanced, making it less prone to backflow effects, thereby ensuring the stability and reliability of the irrigation process. In addition, blended PVC micro infiltration irrigation pipes also have characteristics such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and low cost. Whether in arid and rainy areas or areas with high soil salinization, they can provide stable and reliable irrigation support for crops, with broad application prospects.

Xinjiang Tianye Group has always focused on technological innovation and research and development, actively promoting the continuous progress and application promotion of water-saving irrigation technology. The acquisition of this patent not only demonstrates the company′s strength in technological innovation, but also sets a new benchmark for the development of water-saving irrigation technology in China, providing strong support for the green and sustainable development of modern agriculture.
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