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  Implementation Progress of On-site Renovation Project under Shaanxi Jintai Chlor-Alkali Chemical


Recently, Shaanxi Jintai Chlor-Alkali Chemical held a progress planning meeting for the implementation of on-site renovation projects. Combined with the production equipment maintenance plan, the company arranged for the further decomposition, re- planning, re-deployment and re-implementation of the project progress. While Zhang Qing, member of the company′s party committee and deputy general manager, presided over the meeting, members of the on-site renovation project office, project leaders, and professional leaders attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the technical department and the production department respectively reported on the implementation content, quantity, progress, completion time nodes, and whether to stop production for the on-site renovation project and the production equipment overhaul project. Relevant personnel discussed, analyzed, and sorted them out. On the premise of completing on-site renovation projects and major maintenance projects of production facilities as scheduled and efficiently, the project is decomposed and implemented step by step based on the principle of creating implementation conditions, adjusting operating loads, and intersecting operation and construction.

Meeting arrangement is shown as follows: Firstly, the production department will prepare the overall plan for the 2024 company′s equipment shutdown and maintenance in accordance with the on-site renovation schedule and overhaul plan. Secondly, the technical department should prepare a reasonable overall schedule plan and sub item schedule plan in accordance with the implementation principle of on-site renovation project to complete the approval and signing of the design contract as soon as possible and orderly promote project design. Thirdly, on site renovation project leaders, professional leaders, and company leaders shall sort out their respective work responsibilities according to the overall project schedule and sub project schedule, reverse the construction period, put up plans for combat and implement engineering projects early, quickly, and effectively, thus continuously improving the support capacity of the on-site renovation project.
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