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  The Hydrogen Energy Equipment Manufacturing Project in Yulin City has Recently Commenced


On March 28th, the centralized commencement ceremony for the high-end equipment manufacturing project of the hydrogen energy industry in Yulin City was held in the Shaanxi Hydrogen Energy Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Yuheng Industrial Zone, Shaanxi Province. The construction of three high-end hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing projects including solid oxide fuel cell hydrogen energy equipment, hydrogen fuel cell production lines, and high-power hydrogen fuel cell system production lines have officially commenced, marking the official establishment of the hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing industry in Yulin. The total investment of the projects is 450 million yuan.

Huang Ye, the Party Secretary and Chairman of Shaanxi Hydrogen Energy, stated that the company would fully leverage its resource integration and aggregation advantages, strengthen coordination with relevant network, ensure the orderly progress of the project according to plan, and guarantee the timely completion of the first phase of projects. At the same time, the company would focus on the green hydrogen and green oxygen industrial ecosystem chain, establishing a national-level industrial green hydrogen base and a collaborative development base for green hydrogen in Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia in Yulin. It aims to construct a closed-loop and comprehensive ecosystem encompassing hydrogen production factories, hydrogen refueling stations, core equipment, and hydrogen-powered vehicles. The company will actively collaborate with universities and research institutions to conduct research on energy storage technology, continuously cultivate core competitiveness, and build new advantages in the development of new racetracks.
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